Sunday, January 18, 2015

Camp Update

Wow, this last week was one of the most tiring but funnest weeks here yet. We had 55 kids come to camp and the whole week was almost non-stop playing games and learning about God. Honestly, it was beautiful to be a part of, and obvious that God was at work.

Crazy photo of all the camp staff and campers!

I got to have 14 girls in my cabin (with Nancy) that were also on my team. It was a joy to get to know them, they survived my lack of Spanish fluency (praise God), and I learned so much.
A bunch of the kids also made decisions to ask Jesus into their heart and follow Him.

A couple of the girls got switched around, but these are most of the girls that were in my Cabin and on my team!

Jafet and his cabin (the dudes of our team!)
Water games!!
Free time

Pool time!! One of the favorite parts of the day for everyone!

Maria (one of the girls in my cabin) and Kenneth - two of the awesome SUPER Niños! 

Highlights/Praises from this week of camp:
  • Getting to know on a deeper level a bunch of kids
  • Seeing some of them choose to ask Jesus into their heart and follow Him
  • Being immersed in so much Spanish and learning a ton
  • Seeing the kids smile and laugh so much
  • The kids excitement to learn about God (and compete in the bible quizzing each night).
  • Learning that sometimes, you don't have to have know the words to say, because a hug can speak a thousand.
  • Getting to be counselor with Jafet and having an awesome time with our team (SUPER Niños)
  • Jairo, Noelia, Brandon, and the rest of the awesome work team that were there to serve and love on the kids

Please keep praying,
  • Camp life is a lot different than home life, pray for the kids as they go back. That what they learned at camp won't stay there, but that God would give them strength, courage, and continue to work in their hearts.
  • Pray for our group, and the time we will continue to get to have with them on Saturdays
  • Pray for this coming week. We're headed out really early again for camp week number 2, this time with the Jovenes (teenagers). That God will work in the hearts of the all of us there, draw people to Him, and give all the people serving the strength to last the week.
Friends and family, Thank you sooo much for your prayer support and encouragement. I wish I could really express the blessing and impact that it makes. 

Till next time!

- Hosanna


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