Saturday, November 8, 2014

A lesson from mud and a young boy in Panama

Walking down the mud trail I looked ahead to where my next foot step should go. Finding a spot I shifted my weight and stepped down, only to have my foot slip right out from underneath me. Falling backwards I barely caught myself above a big mud puddle in a crab walk stance, hands and feet stuck in the mud holding myself up, while the laughter of some of my friends erupted around me.

Panama! This was but one of the many fun memories I got to make while there! We had a wonderful three required days out of the country, and came back with renewed visas to be able to stay in Costa Rica till Christmas break.

While there, we stayed at a hostel on one of the small islands. The second day that we were there, we trekked through the muddy trail that I mentioned above, to visit one of the native villages and reach out to the kids there with a man who had been faithfully developing friendships with them. It was an eye opener to see the poverty and very different life style, but also a lot of fun to be able to spend even a bit of time with them.

On the way back, one of the young boys grabbed my hand and started leading me down the muddy trail. You could tell he knew the trail as he walked with confidence and precision, showing me where to step and steadying me any time my feet slipped. A couple times I thought I had found a better spot to put my foot, only to lose my balance and go back to leaning on him and following his lead. We made it back in about half the time it took to walk the trail the first time, and had a good conversation (with the little Spanish that I have been learning).

The whole encounter made me smile and had me thinking about another journey. The one in which I get to walk with my Savior, day by day. There are times when I try to ignore his presence and figure out my own steps. At first I seem ok, safe, but give it a little time and I realize that I’m falling. Sometimes into exhaustion, or self reliance, wasting time, pride, complacency, fear, pursuit for satisfaction, pursuit for success, you name it. Sin. Then I feel the tug, my Lord’s hands pulling me. Showing me how I’ve strayed and promising safety if I but humble myself and follow Him.

I’m thankful for this journey, I’m thankful for my savior, my shepherd, my guide. While being here there have definitely been moments when I try to live in my own strength, when I’ve started idolizing even good things like learning the language, or gotten lost in self. But God is faithful and called me back. I’ve been learning all the more that if you want to walk in the light, you must walk with the LIGHT. That’s been my prayer and praise the last few weeks. That God would continue to humble my heart and help me to follow Him all the better, day by day, moment by moment. That He would open my eyes to His work and give me courage to follow Him and step out in faith that He knows way better than I. That He would be my daily bread, and delighting Him my greatest joy.

How precious is your steadfast love O God. The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights. For with you is the fountain of life, in your light do we see light. – Psalm 36:7-9

Prayers and Praises:

Praise: Safe Panama trip
Praise: Deconstruction for the construction of our church started!
Praise: I got sick twice in the last couple weeks, but was only out for a couple days each time and am feeling healthy
Praise: We had a 24 hour day of prayer (called a Battle Cry) last week and it was probably one of my favorite days of being here so far. God is at work here and it is soo beautiful to see and be a part of.
Praise: We finished with Spanish exams for the week, which went well!
Prayer: I'm teaching the young kidoes today at ministry, I'd love prayer that God would speak through me and touch the hearts of the kids.
Prayer: This week I've been getting really homesick (only 6 more months till I get to be home in WA). Pray that I'd be able to find full comfort in God, and keep my eyes fixed on Him and His work here.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!! It is such a blessing to get to talk with some of you and know you're praying for me. God is definitely working here, in me and in Costa Rica, and I'm so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of it!

God bless!



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